Kryptopy ICO Guide – How to participate

Kryptopy ICO / Pre ICO Guide

If you are already familiar with ERC20 Tokens wallets and you already own one of these (exodus, myetherwallet, metamask) you can send your Ether directly to the smart contract.

Kryptopy Smart Contract Address: ETH ONLY


Minimum contribution is set to 0.1 ether
Maximum contribution is set to 10 ether (contact us to send more)


Rate is 1 ETH = 265 KPY (32.5% bonus included)
USD Rate with instant bonus = $0.67 / KPY




  • You have to send your funds from an ERC20 compatible token wallets. Do not use JAXX or other non ERC20 compatible wallet.
  • Set the gas limit to 200,000; 160,000 has been shown to be working but in time of network congestion 200,000 is a safe number.
  • The Kryptopy Token (KPY) will be sent immediately to your wallet from which you sent your ETH.
  • This Smart-contract is programmed to receive a minimum of 0.1 ether and a maximum of 10 ether. If you want to send more than 10 ether you need to contact us at this is to increase the security of the sale and limit the risks.
  • By participating in this sale I agree to the terms and conditions and confirm that I am not breaking any laws from the country where I live.

Get a wallet that is compatible with ERC20 Tokens. Here is a list that we do recommend and their links :
MyEtherWallet (online based) :
MetaMask (Browser plugin):

How to create a secured Ethereum address on MyEtherWallet


Go to

Choose a strong password and click on “Create New Wallet” button.


Click on the “Download Keystore file (UTC/JSON)” button. Save that file securely on your computer. Read the message carefully, then click on the “I understand. Continue” button.

step 3

Save your private key in a safe place. Select it using CTRL-C and save it in a file where you can easily find it after. This will now be your password to access your wallet. If you lose it there is no way to retrieve it!

Step 4

Click on “Save your address” button. You will then be redirected to another page where you select the second option from the list “Private Key”.

Paste your “Private Key” in the box. You can now see the wallet and your public ethereum address !

Now you can buy ether from your favorite exchange and send it to this address or transfer it from another wallet to use in the ICO / Pre ICO.

Step 5

Send your contribution !

Send the amount of ether you want to contribute to this address to get your KPY !