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More than Just Another Social Network
& Copy Trading Project
What is Kryptopy?

Kryptopy is the first blockchain & fintech financial based cooperative ecosystem targeting everyday social network users and experienced traders alike.

It is a mix of Artificial Intelligence and cutting edge blockchain technologies that allows you to socialize, trade, learn and share and make revenues while doing so. Thanks to the design of the Kryptopy Token (KPY) you get rewarded everytime you bring value to the network.

If you’re a trader, you can share part or all of your portfolio built with more than 200 different assets in a safe and fair way. If you allow other users to copy your success and if they profit from it, you will be rewarded !

Why Kryptopy?

The popularization of social networks, coupled with the cryptocurrency boom witnessed during the last couple of years has inspired many to address the current problems in these two industries. Notable solutions are Steem, providing crypto payments in exchange of quality content and eToro, pioneering the concept of traditional social trading. Although these initiatives solve problems such as compensating users for their content and helping amateur traders make their first step into the world of trading, these solutions do not appeal to everyone and the crypto world is far from the mainstream. The community is highly fragmented.

  • Lack of a trustless mainstream platform that cater to mainstream while still giving advantages to experienced members of the trading community.

  • Lack of a real valuable and profitable reward system in the current crypto-social environment.

  • Current Social media are filled with spams, scams, clickbaits and irrelevant ads.

How it Works?

Kryptopy is based on the cooperative concept that the community produces value to the product or service it sells and that each has control on that value. Kryptopy’s community will be served by the Network and not the other way around. The KPY is the token used by Kryptopy. The value of the token will be powered by the community, apposed to having it determined by the performance of the company itself or its shareholders.

Mainstream Solutions
  • Kryptopy will offer the first blockchain based social network with a goal to help more people adapt cryptocurrencies and awareness about cryptocurrency trading markets.

  • Kryptopy is bringing the proof of Intelligence while also taking advantage of the future “Metropolis’ upgrade from Ethereum with proof of stake to allow its users to have valuable rewards they can actually use and exchange for other cryptocurrencies

  • Everything on the network is A.I filtered so we minimize bad content. Machine learning will also come to help with a heuristic / bayesian method to learn new patterns

Market Solutions
  • By having more people interested in the trading process, traders will be able to have more followers and increase the value of their portfolio by allowing other members to copy them and learn from their experience.

  • Traders also find advantage in the reward solution as it will make their value increase once they made a successful “copying deal” with a follower. Profits generating Profits.

  • By having the content filtered thoroughly, businesses and traders will be able to market to an audience that is not frustrated by tons of bad content and advertisement making them be able to reach their target in a more efficient way and increase their ROI.

The Token
  • Symbol: KPY

  • Exchange: 0x, Bittrex (in the work)

  • Total Supply: 40,000,000

  • Developmental Fund: 5,000,000 KPY

  • Pre-ICO Supply: 5,000,000 KPY

  • Current Price: 0.0022 ether (including bonus)

  • ICO Price: 0.005 ether

  • KPY per ether: 265

  • Token Type: ERC20

  • Smart Contract: YES

Why Participate?

Kryptopy’s pre-ICO is a time limited pre-sale of the token to allow early investors and believers in our project access to bonuses that will give you more KPYs per ether. The sale is divided in 2 phases and will end on November 27th 2017 at midnight. We are currently on Phase 2.

Details on the Pre Sale

Start Date (Phase 1): September 28th 2017
End Date (Phase 1): October 28th 2017 (ended)
Start Date (Phase 2): October 31st 2017
End Date (Phase 2): November 27th 2017 (00:00:00)
Protocol: ETH, ERC20
Hard Cap: 40,000,000 KPY
Soft Cap: 1,000,000 KPY